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Market Release: Pro Fit Nutrition Systems Dynamic Diet and Nutrition Planner

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Pro Fit Nutrition Systems announced today the release of the © Pro Fit Nutrition Systems Dynamic Diet and Nutrition Planner (“The Planner”).  The Planner was developed by Tony Kakuk, a life-time fitness professional and President of Pro Fit Personal Training, an exclusive personal training facility in Orange County, California.  Kakuk, a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, spent years perfecting and using the Planner to successfully help his personal training clients achieve their weight management goals.  After many years of success using the Planner with his personal training clients, Kakuk created a leading edge computer software program to incorporate all aspects of the Planner into a user-friendly, dynamic web-based environment for the general public.


The Planner allows ANYONE to generate a nutrition plan for their specific lifestyle.  Whether you have no level of fitness activity (i.e., completely sedentary), or operate at the professional fitness level (i.e., professional bodybuilder or athlete), the Planner can customize a nutrition plan for you.  Unlike other plans, the Planner has the ability to change as your body attributes (e.g., body weight, body fat percentage), activity level, and weight management goals change.  The Planner adjusts dynamically to match your specific needs, and considers many more variables than other plans when determining your nutrition plan. 


The Planner will be marketed on-line against other popular plans, such as the Zone Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Fit for Life Diet, and New Pritkin Diet – these diets are not dynamic and are based on a limited number of overly-simple variables (e.g., BMI).  They offer cookie-cutter approaches for the masses that lack the nutritional substance to help you achieve your weight management goal, and keep you healthy and fit for a lifetime. 


Customers can go directly to www.gotpersonaltrainer.com and enter the ProFit Nutrition Systems portal to create a free trial account, which will allow them to generate their own custom nutrition plan.  The free custom nutrition plan includes 5 complete daily meal plans (including 1 plan designed for your cheat day) calculated with the appropriate number of calories to help you reach your goal, full instructions, a grocery list, and access to the Pro Fit Nutrition Systems blog which includes recipes and Q & A from on-line members.

 27075 Cabot Road, Suite 106, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - info@gotpersonaltrainer.com
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