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Tony’s Blackened Tilapia Fillets in Cast Iron Skillet

April 30th, 2009


1) Tilapia Fillets

2) Fresh-Squeezed Lemon or Lemon Juice

3) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4) Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning

5) Blackened Seasoning


1) Coat (or brush) both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Fresh-Squeezed Lemon or Lemon Juice.

2) Coat (or brush) both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

3) Season both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning.

4) Season both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Blackened Seasoning.

5) Start-up grill and put on high heat.  Place cast iron skillet onto grill surface and close lid.  Heat grill until it reaches 500 degrees and open grill lid.

6) Pour a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil into cast iron skillet to evenly coat skillet (skillet may smoke a little from the high heat).  Be sure not to touch skillet.  It is very hot!

7) Place Tilapia fillets gently into cast iron skillet to avoid making hot oil spit.  Turn over after 3-4 minutes and cook other side for same amount of time.  Remove and serve.

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