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Tony’s Healthy Pancakes and Waffles

May 30th, 2009


1) 5 Cups Pancake Mix (use either a ready to mix multi-grain mix, whole wheat mix or buckwheat mix)

2) 4 Eggs (Beaten)

3) 1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4) 1/2 Cup Honey

5) 3-4 Cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk


1) Measure out mix and pour into large mixing bowl.

2) Beat eggs in separate bowl.

3) Pour eggs into mixing bowl with mix.

4) Add extra virgin olive oil and honey to mix.

5) Start adding soy milk one cup at a time and start mixing batter with mixer until mix is about as thick as mud.  Ususally, this is about 3 cups but every ready pancake and waffle mix is a little bit different.  Do not make mix too runny.

6) Mix is now ready to be put into a belgian waffle maker or to be plotted out as pancakes on a stovetop griddle.  Be sure to spray griddle with non-stick spray between each batch if making pancakes, but DO NOT spray waffle maker if making waffles.  Most waffle makers require no cooking spray or treatment, and should never be submerged in water to clean.

7) Serve pancakes or waffles with Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Maple Syrup (Sweetened with Splenda).  Store leftovers in freezer and simply reheat in toaster or toaster oven.  Waffles are also good with peanut butter spread on 1-2 quarter sections of a full belgian waffle as an in-between meal snack.  Each quarter section is approximately 125 calories.

8) Recipe makes 8-10 belgian waffles or 15-20 medium-sized pancakes.  Each waffle is approximately 500 calories with only 3g of saturated fat and each pancake is approximately 250 calories with only 1.5g of saturated fat.  These are loaded with complex carbohydrates (i.e., good carbs).  Enjoy!


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