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Tony’s Chunky Egg White Omelet

June 21st, 2009


1) One 4-6 oz Chicken Breast (Pre-Cooked, such as a leftover)

2) 4-6 Egg Whites

3) 6 Large/8 Medium Asparagus Spears and/or 6 oz Broccoli Crowns

4) Non-Fat Cooking Spray (e.g., Pam)

5) Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning (Optional)

6) Coarse Ground Black Pepper (Optional)


1) Cut chicken breast into small pieces (1/4″-1/2″ cubes).

2) Dice asparagus into 1/4″ thick round pieces (be sure to trim asparagus bottoms off and discard first).  If using broccoli instead of asparagus, or in addition to asparagus, dice broccoli crowns into similar size pieces as asparagus.

3) Apply heavy coat of non-fat cooking spray to inside of medium-sized fry pan.

4) Turn stovetop burner onto medium heat and let fry pan heat up for approximately one minute.

5) Pour asparagus and/or broccoli into pan first to cover bottom of fry pan.  Next, pour chicken in on top of asparagus and/or broccoli.

6) If desired, once ingredients are in fry pan, season with Mrs. Dash and/or Coarse Ground Black Pepper.  This is not required, but if you like heavy seasonings, this is a good option.

7) Spray top of ingredients with heavy coat of non-fat cooking spray.

8) Put lid on fry pan.

9) Set kitchen timer for 5 minutes and cook ingredients covered for 5 minutes.  This will be enough time to cook the asparagus and/or broccoli and heat-up the pre-cooked chicken.

10) When kitchen timer expires, give the covered fry pan a few good shakes to disperse the ingredients more evenly, then remove lid and pour egg whites evenly over the ingredients in the pan.

11) After egg whites have been poured into the fry pan, place lid on top of fry pan.

12) Once the egg whites have firmed up around the ingredients, fold over into one-half and cover again.  Flip if necessary until eggs cook all the way through.

13) Remove from fry pan and enjoy!

**As an alternative to pre-cooked chicken breast, you can use pre-cooked ground turkey or steak.

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