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Baked Tilapia Fillets

February 27th, 2010


1) Tilapia Fillets

2) Fresh-Squeezed Lemon or Lemon Juice

3) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4) Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning

5) Mesquite Seasoning

6) Paprika Seasoning

7) Non-Fat Cooking Spray (e.g., Pam)

8) Aluminum Foil or Pyrex Dish (or baking sheet)


1) If baking on grill, lay out two large sheets of aluminum foil on top of each other.  If baking in oven, spray a glass Pyrex dish (or baking sheet) with Pam.

2) Place Tilapia Fillets side by side on aluminum foil (if baking on grill) or in glass Pyrex dish or baking sheet (if baking in oven).

3) Coat (or brush) both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Fresh-Squeezed Lemon or Lemon Juice.

4) Coat (or brush) both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

5) Season both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning.

6) Season both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Mesquite Seasoning.

7) Season both sides of Tilapia Fillets with Paprika Seasoning.

8) Fold aluminum foil over Tilapia Fillets to fully enclose (if baking on grill) or cover glass Pyrex Dish or baking sheet with aluminum foil (if baking in oven).

9) Start-up grill on high heat (if baking on grill) or oven broiler (if baking in oven).  Heat grill until it reaches 500 degrees and open grill lid.  Place aluminum foil wrapped Tilapia Fillets on grill surface for 10 minutes (if baking on grill) or directly into oven broiler for 10 minutes once oven reaches 500 degrees (if baking in oven).

10) Remove Tilapia Fillets after 10 minutes of cooking and serve.  Enjoy!

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