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Jackie’s Protein Milkshake

April 1st, 2012

I have to thank the mom of one of my high school client’s for coming up with this recipe.  This is a nice change-up to the regular protein powder/water or protein powder/milk mix, providing much thicker consistency and taste.  Just like a real milkshake from a 50s type diner minus all of the empty calories.  A nice healthy snack for your kids, too.

In a blender, combine the following:

1.  4-6 ounces of water, milk, soy milk or almond milk.  I prefer Silk Vanilla Soy Milk, but if you’re really watching your calories, use water.

2.  4 or 5 large ice cubes (ice cube tray size, 1″ x 2″).

3.  1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese.

4.  1 scoop of whey protein powder (approximately 30g of protein).

5.  1 Tbsp of stevia or splenda for extra sweetness (optional).  I prefer to skip this, but if your tooth is extra sweet. throw it in!

This makes about a 16 ounce serving with the following nutritional breakdown (using Silk Vanilla Soy Milk):

Fat (7g total, 3.5 saturated, 63 calories)

Carbs (14g total, 11g sugar, 56 calories)

Protein (48g total, 192 calories)

Sodium (670mg total, 440mg from cottage cheese alone)

Total Calories = 311

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