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Tony’s Sodium Free Teriyaki Chicken Breast

April 28th, 2009




1) 8 Large Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts


2) Extra Virgin Olive Oil


3) 1-12oz Bottle Mrs. Dash Sodium-Free Teriyaki Marinade


4) Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning




1) Place chicken breasts in Pyrex glass dish or similar


2) Generously mix chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil


3) Generously season oiled chicken with Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning on all sides (flip over to season both sides)


4) Pour entire contents of Mrs. Dash Sodium Free Teriyaki Marinade over chicken and mix well


5) Let chicken sit in marinade for at least 10 minutes


6) Place chicken directly on grill and flip chicken frequently (every 3-5 minutes) to prevent over charring and facilitate even cooking.  Spoon any marinade remaining in Pyrex dish over the top of chicken breasts after placing chicken breasts on grill. 


***As an alternative, the chicken can be baked in a Pyrex dish as long as it is side-by-side and not layered on top of each other.  Cook uncovered for 30-40 minutes at 350-375 degrees if using this method.


7) Do not refrigerate leftover chicken breasts for longer than 48 hours.  Consider placing leftover chicken breasts in freezer bags consistent with your serving size (e.g., 6 oz equals approximately one breast per freezer bag) for future meals that you can easily defrost and re-heat in the microwave.  Once unthawed, re-heat for 60-90 seconds, and it is as good as when it came off of the grill or out of the oven!

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