Pro Fit Personal Training has been the premier personal training gym in South Orange County, California, since 2001. Centrally located in Laguna Hills on the border of Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo right off of the 5 Freeway, Pro Fit Personal Training is easily accessible from anywhere in the South Orange County Region.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, or focused on weight loss, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, or general body toning and sculpting, we have the knowledge and facilities to take you to the next level. Our clientele covers the entire age spectrum, including youth, teen, adult, and senior. In short, we build customized fitness programs for every level of fitness and age, and provide the structure, motivation, and oversight to keep you committed to the fitness program and on track to meet your goals.
Attention athletes: If you are a high school, college or professional athlete, we will make you a faster, more powerful, and more explosive performer. Athletic training is sport specific, and much different than general fitness training performed on individuals looking to lose a few pounds or stay fit. We have the knowledge and facilities to make you a more productive and successful athlete.

Accountability and measurement during any training program is critical to ensure progression toward goals is being made. Upon beginning a program with us, we will take baseline measurements of your body weight, body fat, and body circumferences, and then establish a goal for you that is typically 3 months out in time. A new goal will then be set after the first 3 months are completed. We will take progress measurements each month after your initial baseline measurements to ensure you are progressing toward your goals, and if not, quickly determine why and make the necessary adjustments in your training program. Athletic training programs will typically have additional goals related to speed, power, and explosiveness, which will also be tracked on a monthly basis.

 27075 Cabot Road, Suite 106, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 - Phone: (949) 422-3830